‘My World, My Wife, My Camera’


Part of the London Stories series of exhibitions first shown at the Back Hill Gallery April 2003, curated by Val Williams.

My World, My Wife, My Camera’ is an intense investigation of the relationship the artist has with both his wife and the cityscapes within which he moves, travelling daily from West London to the city. These photographs are a record of urban journeys, a contemplation of the city from minute to minute the quintessential experience of gloom threaded through with excitement the thrill of the everyday. Jarvies work may have the appearance of documentary, yet one knows there is a more thrilling narrative, the affiliation of high technique with intense self-absorption:Jarvies ongoing portrayal of his wife resonates against his freewheeling depiction of the city, the private edged up against the public in the most remarkable way.- Val Williams (curator)

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