“Colin Jarvie’s photographs are a story infused with a particular melancholy and an intense curiosity. They are the products of a picaresque yet oddly determined journey through the cityscape. They have a blurred fragility; identify and stabilize memories. They are interior and exterior landscapes, fragments of the everyday, reminders of our transience.

The SX-70 Polaroid camera is a beautifully designed object from the 70’s.
Colin took up this camera in the mid 90’s as a distraction from ‘’real’ photography, but soon became entranced by the unique results he could achieve with this unconventional set up.

There is now an archive of around 3,000 images in this ongoing series.
The polaroids are then scanned at high resolutions and with a minimum of digital interference reproduced using the lightjet photographic printing process.
It is important that the integrity of the original is maintained as far as colour reproduction and surface detail, in many cases you may see the cracks that occur naturally in the emulsion of the Polaroid print.

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